Field Status

As of May 19th, 2018 (this page is updated by 2:00 PM each day)

Location Status
BCE Open
Quail Hollow Open
Mt Cross Open

Time Table for Field Closure Notice

  • 2:00 PM weekday games
  • 8:00 PM Friday for Saturday games
  • Some days will be a game time decision

Please note that in some cases,  the notice can state that playing will be a game time decision.

Assume all games are on unless they hear otherwise from your coach.

Little League does not play games on any of our fields. Their fields are controlled by the county and the high school. The Little League fields can be shut down while ours can be open. Also each of our four fields handles water differently, for example BCE may be closed and Quail Hollow may be open.

Keep in mind that the grass is the part of the field that gets damaged when you play on it when it’s soggy.

A slippery infield and wet bases are a safety factor. Always error on the side of caution. If you plan to run drills on a hard surface remember to tell your players to wear the proper shoe.

Keep in mind that games require coordination between two teams and an umpire crew. Practices are just your team and you can get creative and run drills on black top for example.