Celebrating 25 years of service to SLV!


Join Our Competitive Softball “Family”

Skills Evaluation

San Lorenzo Valley Middle School Field

14U Sat. April 27,  3:00 PM Player’s DOB (2004-2005)

12U Sat. April 27, 5:00 PM Player’s DOB (2006-2007)

10U Sat. May 4, 1:00 PM Player’s DOB (2008-2009)

8U Sat. May 4, 2:30 PM Player’s DOB (2010-2011)

Come ready to play with cleats, glove, bat, helmet and water

SLVGS REC and Mountain Dream players continue to excel and  join our middle and high school teams helping drive our valley’s success.

Serving the community for the last 25 years some players today have returned to coach our future generation.

Questions call 831-252-4857 or email

Highlighted moment: Pitch-Out!

A fun end to a great ballgame last night, with the successful execution of a called pitch-out and caught stealing at second for the last out.

Everything has to go right. Pitcher (Abigale Krepelka) and Catcher (Olive Colby) have to be on the same page with their signs, Pitcher has to deliver to a moving target, Catcher has to catch and unload clean, and Shortstop (Makena Santos) has to catch and lay down the tag.

Great play all around, girls!

If you have a highlight from practice, school or your games you can submit them on our highlights page here.

Highlighted Moment: Tania & Kristel

Thanks to Kristel Krepelka and Tania Feduk the snack shack is set up and ready whenever we can get parents to volunteer to work during the games.

Every little but helps and your donation of time to help raise money and enhance the game day experience is appreciated.

(You ladies look younger every day!)

If you have a highlight from practice, school or your games you can submit them on our new highlights page here.

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Join SLVGS and watch Stanford vs Arizona State

Its time for the annual trip to Stanford, this is a highly recommended and anticipated event, inspire your girls and join us yourselves as we go to watch Stanford vs Arizona State.

Here are some general and detailed instructions for our 2019 SLVGS Day @ Stanford.

Image result for stanford softball
Stanford Softball team

GPS to the parking area (see addresses below), walk to the picnic area in Master’s Grove, grab a picnic table and set up near the bathrooms. We will then assembly for the singing of the anthem at 12:45 PM by the scorers booth.

During the game we will set up our SLVGS area on the grass beyond the stands on the first side. 

Have your players come with their SLVGS team jersey on.

Its going to be a long full day, you can do whatever, whenever you want but be advised, parking can be bad so if you get there late or mid event you likely will not get a spot in the lot at the address below. Make specific timing arrangements with your team. 


Sunday April 28th 1:00 PM


Bring some shade!!!!

Bring a blanket or chairs

Bring picnic stuff

Bring something to have signed; the Stanford players do autographs after the game

Get in the autograph line prior to the end of the game to make sure you don’t have to wait too long

Start a game day group text for your team to aide in communications


Admission is $5 this year and parking is free

We used to be able to park in Master Grove, that is no longer the case, bring a cooler with wheels or a wagon. There are picnic tables and restrooms in Masters Grove. There are concessions available while attending the game but its a bit of a walk and you will need plenty of cash for that.

The group of SLVGS players that we be allowed to be on the field for the signing of the national anthem is limited to 50 kids, 6th grade or younger. The group needs to be assembled. By the scoring booth at 12:45 sharp

The game Starts at 1:00 and last about 2 hours. After the game we can drive to the main entrance on Palm Drive if you want to walk around and do some site seeing

Pre-game Parking Address:

625 Nelson Rd, Stanford, CA 94305

Picnic Address

Master’s Grove, Stanford, CA 94305

Boyd & Jill Smith Family Stadium

667 Masters Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Once the game is over and the autograph session is complete you can go home or tour the campus if you want to tour the campus

Post Game Park at the main entrance

20 Palm Dr, Stanford, CA 94305

Post Game Options

Go to the top of Hoover Tower (Cost a couple of bucks per person)

550 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Take a dip in the fountain at Old Union

520 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Take a dip in White Memorial Fountain

White Plaza, Stanford, CA 94305

Shop at the bookstore

519 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Map for parking, picnic and game

Campus Tour After Game

Highlighted moment: Violet Sanfield

We had a wonderful thriller of a ball-game to kick off the 12U season, with the Jesters beating the Blue Lightning 11-10 on a 2-run walkoff.

Violet Sanfield had a momentum changing shoestring catch in left field of a scorched line drive from Naomi Sifton in the top of the last inning to keep the game close.  Then Violet came up in the home half, down a run, runners on second and third, as darkness overtook the proceedings, and calmly smashed a base hit to left center for the win!

If you have a highlight from practice, school or your games you can submit them on our new highlights page here.

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Highlighted Moment: Olivia Renouf

Olivia Renouf volunteered to help with Skills Evaluation on Saturday, and she went above and beyond.

She worked tirelessly with the team running the drills for both 10u and 12u. She  played every position asked of her, shagged balls, refilled bucket after bucket of balls for the coaches, plus any task asked of her…and she did it with a smile.

Things would not have run as smoothly if we didn’t have such a willing and talented young lady by our side.

Thank you Olivia for spending your birthday with us.

You are truly amazing!

FREE CPR class

Attention SLVGS participants!

FREE CPR class will be held:

Saturday Feb. 9, 2019 at the Ben Lomond Fire Station 10 am- 4 pm.

This class is open to all!  The class is free and you have the option of certification after the class. There is a small certification fee, however SLVGS will cover this cost for all SLVGS coaches.

Please sign up soon so we can reserve your spot. 


Sign up: