Sponsorship & Fundraisers

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Please consider a sponsorship for the 2021 softball season. Your $400 sponsorship is tax-deductible as SLVGS is a non-profit organization. As a sponsor, you will receive a plaque with a picture of the team or event your organization sponsors. You will also be listed as a sponsor on our website. Most importantly, you will support a program that will develop the future of girls in our community, help support our SLV youth.

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Please send email to info@slvgs.org if you need more info

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors! 

San Lorenzo Valley Girls Softball

is a not for profit California Public Benefits Corporation.  It is run by volunteers and funded through various registration fees, sponsorship, donations, and fundraisers.  Registration fees typically pay for 60% of our operating expenses in a $20-$25k annual budget and team sponsors are another big contributor pulling in another 10-15%.  The rest of our income is from donations and fundraisers. If you are interested in volunteering for a fundraiser or donating to help SLV youth via our softball programs please send an email to info@slvgs.org.

Here is a list of our common annual fundraisers:

Opening Day

Opening day is a great way for the softball community to get the season started.  We usually have a full BBQ/Snack bar and some great softball to watch.  Come out and enjoy the day with SLVGS and meet all the board members! Sadly this event was cancelled this year due to the pandemic.

Closing Ceremonies

The Closing Ceremonies are the best fundraising opportunity for SLVGS.  Just like Opening Day, we have a full BBQ/Snack bar.  We also auction off “themed baskets” that each of the SLVGS teams create.  You can pick up a lot of cool things at the auction.  Basket themes range from “Movie Night”, “Wine Picnic”, “Day at the Beach”, “Green Thumb” and even some very nice local crafts are included like a redwood picnic table, Adirondack chairs, and planter boxes.  Here are a few pictures of baskets from past events:

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Tax Deductible Car Donations

You have an old clunker collecting leaves?  Maybe you have a running car that can’t pass smog?  Even if you just have an unwanted car that you feel would make a good tax deduction, you can donate it to SLVGS!  Just click the link below: