Mountain Dream

Mountain Dream -SLVGS’s Competitive Softball Program

Join Our Competitive Softball “Family”

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We request you register for the tryout if you wish to participate in the summer program.
(No fees until you have successfully make a team)

You must signup for your age and attend tryout sessions for your age.

If you wish to try to make the team in the age bracket older attend that tryout as well.

This is a competitive program not all players will make the teams.
We encourage players who are not invited onto the teams to work during the Fall and next Rec season to build their skills and try again next year!

Tryouts Evaluation

San Lorenzo Valley Middle School Field

14U Sun. April 23, 10:00 AM Player’s DOB (2008-2009)

12U Sun. April 23, 10:00 AM Player’s DOB (2010-2011)

10U Sun. April 23, 11:30 AM Player’s DOB (2012-2013)

8U Sun. April 23, 1:30 PM Player’s DOB (2014-2015)

Come ready to play with cleats, glove, bat, helmet and water

SLVGS REC and Mountain Dream players join our middle and high school teams helping drive our valley’s success.

Questions call 831-252-4857 or email

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