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When does the season begin:

 Practices start in February and games run from March through mid-May. Our spring season is the most popular time of year for softball!  Over 180 girls participate in SLVGS softball in Spring.  All girls are assigned to a team and get playing time, regardless of physical ability, skill level, or financial situation*.  The rules and coaching are adjusted based on age level, so everyone has fun.  Girls as young as five years old really can play softball.

*Scholarships available for families with financial hardship email info@slvgs.org for more info here is our current fee structure and typical time commitment.

Where are games and practices: 

Practices can be at any of our four fields (it is up to the coach).  We use Boulder Creek Elementary, Mount Cross, the District Office Field (formerly Quail Hollow) and San Lorenzo Valley Middle School field.  Link to locations We try to keep games on their assigned fields which would be 6U  Boulder Creek Elementary; 8U Mount Cross; 10U – The District Office Field; 12U and up – San Lorenzo Valley Middle School.

What does my player need to begin:

They will need a pair of cleats and a glove.  When you purchase gloves you will see that they are sized by the size of ball the player will be using as follows:

6U – 10″ RFI 1 link

8U – 10″ RIF 1 link

10U – 11″ COR .47 link

12U & 14U 12” COR .47

Players should also have some form of black pants (baseball style pants are recommended but not required).  If they choose to wear shorts it is a league rule that they must wear sliders with the shorts.

They do not have to have a helmet or bat as the league provides a certain number for each team.  However, we do recommend the girls have a fielders mask. If you want to purchase a helmet for your player make sure to get one with a face mask attached.

We strongly encourage the use of a fielders mask, these can be purchased second had or new on line, if you need one and cant afford it send us an email info@slvgs.org

The league is open to all girls, regardless of financial situation.  We typically host a Recycled Equipment Table at Opening Day.  Please contact someone on the board if equipment costs are prohibitive for your family.  We will find a way to discreetly get your daughter geared up.

What does the league provide: 

Each player will receive a team jersey, sweatshirt, ASA Insurance and team photo.  Some teams decide to collect money for socks and visors, these are not provided by the league.

How often are games

Once games begin there will be no more than two games per week.  One on a weekday and one on the weekend (6U only does one game per week).

When will we practice: 

That varies with each coach.  At the beginning of the season they sign up for practice slots.  Your coach will let you know the first week of February when and where you will be practicing.

Can I request a certain coach/team:

The only age group that can make requests is the 6U and 8U Divisions.  The 10U and Upper Division are formed via draft to keep the teams equal. 

SLVGS is 100% volunteer-based organization.

 From the board to the coaches, all are volunteers. We cannot exist without your help.  Parents are required to volunteer their time in some capacity including, coaching, assistant coaching, game day field preps, cleanup and maintenance.

Additional Costs and Family Commitments (6U-14U)

  • End of season celebration / Coaches gifts – Some teams opt to have a year-end celebration party and/or collect donations for coaches’ gifts.  These are optional fees, usually $5 to $20 per player.
  • Snack Shack – 12U Parents are required to volunteer in the Snack Shack.  Games and practices will not begin until the Snack Shack has the necessary number of volunteers.  The Snack Shack Coordinator works with the Team Managers at the beginning of the season to coordinate shifts. If you cannot do your shifts, you can “buyout” using the $35 deposit.
  • Parent involvement – It’s our experience that your daughter will appreciate and benefit enormously from your involvement, and we highly encourage you to attend your daughter’s practices, games and related softball team activities.  In addition, most Coaches and Managers appreciate any extra help they can get so please volunteer to help at practices, games or in team support positions. Don’t worry if you “know nothing about softball”- every parent has something to offer.

Age brackets below are for the 2022 season

6 and Under (6U)

  • 6U level is for girls born in 2016 and 2017
  • They learn basic fundamentals of throwing, hitting and catching.
  • Practice normally on weekday evenings  and games are Saturday.
  • Location is Boulder Creel Elementary
  • Ball and rules are adjusted for the littlest players – 6U General Rules
  • Fees: $65

8 and Under (8U)

  • 8U level is for girls born in 2014 and 2015
  • They learn hitting, throwing, and catching along with the rules of the games.  Pitching is done by players and coach.
  • Practice /Game are normally on one weekday evenings and Saturdays.
  • Location is Mount Cross
  • Rules are age adjusted – 8U General Rules
  • Fees $95

10 and Under (10U)

  • 10U level is for girls born in 2012 and 2013
  • They learn fundamentals along with rules of the game.  Players pitch and learn base stealing.
  • Practice/Game are normally on one to two weekdays evenings and Saturdays.
  • Location is Quail Hollow (District Office)
  • 10U General Rules
  • Fees $135

12 and Under (12U)

  • 12U level is for girls born in  2010, and 2011
  • Most players have experience in playing but players with no experience are encouraged to play. Teams play in some inter-league (against other team from other leagues) and against other SLVGS teams.
  • There may be two practices a week and/or 2 games a week (one weekday game and one Saturday)
  • Location is SLV Middle School, interleague location is T.B.D.
  • 12U General Rules
  • Fees $145

14 and Under (14U)

  • 14U level is for girls born in  2008, and 2009 Most players have experience in playing but players with no experience are encouraged to play. Teams play in inter-league (against other team from other leagues)
  • There may be two practices a week and/or 2 games a week (one weekday game and one Saturday)
  • Location is SLV Middle School for home games, interleague location is T.B.D.
  • 14U General Rules
  • Fees $145

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